7178 - The Yetis

About The Team

Team 7178, otherwise known as the Yetis, is Walled Lake Robotics's younger team. The Yetis split off from the Monsters in 2018 and have been thriving ever since. The team consists of many individual sub teams that are student driven and mentor advised. Our team consists of people of many different experience levels, meaning anyone can join and be a part of the team. 7178 fosters a learning environment where the more experienced teach the inexperienced everything they need to be successful in order to keep the team the best it can be.

Involvement in the community

Along with the competitions, 7178 is also involved in the community at both Walled Lake Central and Walled Lake Western. We bring our beloved Tank Bot, a tank robot to shoot t-shirts at football games, pep assemblies, and other important events that go on. We also bring our robots to walk in the Walled Lake memorial day parade.

Past Robots




First Robotics OCCRA
2023 2023
  • Creativity Award ~ Milford
  • 2022 2022
  • Excellence in Engineering Award ~ FIM District, Walled Lake Event
  • 2022 Finalist ~ FIM District, Walled Lake Event
  • 2022 Winner Ford Field ~ FIM District, State Championship
  • Third Place ~ Marian Tournament
  • Beautiful Bot Award ~ Marian Tournament
  • Second Place ~ Walled Lake Western Tournament
  • Spirit of the Competition Award ~ Walled Lake Western Tournament
  • Strategic Design Award ~ County Championship
  • Finalist ~ County Championship
  • 2021 2021
  • Technical Excellence Award ~ County Championship
  • 2020 2020
  • Most Improved Award ~ Virtual Design Challenge
  • 2019 2019
  • Semi-Finalist ~ County Championship
  • Judges Award ~ Birmingham Tournament
  • 2018 2018
  • 2018 Highest Rookie Seed Award ~ FIM District, Troy Event
  • Technical Excellence Award ~ Brother Rice/Marian Tournament
  • Second Place ~ Brother Rice/Marian Tournament
  • Third Place ~ Birmingham Tournament